The Last Dance chords with lyrics by Blood On The Dance Floor - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Blood On The Dance Floor – The Last Dance chords

This Song is pretty simple and easy.

Intro (0:00-0:06)

Verse (0:07-0:35)
Em D Interlace your fingers in-between mine
GWhisper in my ear tell me this won't be the last time
Em DThat you ever dance with that smile on your face
DLook me in the eye tell me that you don't want to stay
EmIf it's the last time
DI'm gonna see you
GI'm gonna show you
GI'm gonna make you move
EmCome right over here boy
D'Cause I've been holding back
GIf it's the last chance
GI'm gonna make you dance
Chorus (0:37-0:50)
EmGet on the Dance Floor
DThis is your last chance
GWe'll do it hardcore
GGet lost in this trance
EmThe music's calling me
DAre you listening
GMy love's in prison
GYou hold the only key
Then repeat the same chord progression for the rest of the song. Like I said, this is an easy song to learn!
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