Bloom Luka - The One tab

Artist: Old 97's
Song: The One
Tuning: Standard
Transcribed By: Max Quinn.

I'd just like to note that I haven't touched Ken's little solo in the verse that's about 
It works of the C position Fmajor scale, and I've just been improvising off that.

Ken's Guitar part in the intro, however, is just an ostinato revolving around the F in 
6th fret of the B string. It's along the lines of...

The chords are F/F/Gm/Bb x 4 F I Gm Bb F Got a check for nothing Gm Bb F All made out to someone Gm Bb F Gm Bb I truly love myself F Murray says weíre gonna Gm Bb F take the money sometime Gm Bb F Well it might as well be this time Gm Bb F Gm Bb Weíre gonna spend it all on ourselves F Ken Gm Bb F picked this bank at random Gm Bb F I said, do we shoot them? Gm Bb F Bb And he said, either wayís alright F Whistliní Boy, Gm Bb F thatís Philip, heís our drummer Gm Bb F He does the theme from ďEndless SummerĒ Gm Bb F Gm Bb You know heís waiting out in our ride ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- These appear to be power chords, so G5, Bb5, F5 if you're going for accuracy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gm Bb F Throw the money in the van Gm Bb F It all worked out just like we planned -------------------------------------------- Think Old School Country for Ken's part here. Must be played fairly quickly. He seems to a lower sound than what I do, so it's conceivable he'in drop D, but I'm not sure on this.
e-------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------|D----------------------5-5-5-----5-5-5-5-7-8-8-8------8-| Let's take the oneA-3-3-3-----3-3-3-----------5-5-5---------------8-8-8---|E------3-3-3-----3-3-3----------------------------------|
-------------------------------------------- Gm Bb Now the good times have begun F Thatís not a fire -- itís just the sun C Itís like the old man said Gm Take the money and run Bb (stop) Whatís the rush? F Gm Bb Letís take The One F/F/Gm/Bb x4 Love gets passed around so freely Theyíre so touchy and so feely Iím hanging on to mine I like you California Although I feel obliged to warn ya Weíre gonna rob you blind Whatís the point in cutting tracks With all this money in the back? Now the good times have begun Thatís not a fire -- itís just the sun Itís like the old man said Take the money and run Whatís the rush? Letís take The One
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