Blossom Dearie - Rhode Island Is Famous For You chords

Rhode Island is Famous For You!
Howard Dietz / Arthur schwartz (sung by Blossom Dearie)
transposed to C

C               G7              C                G7        Every state has  something its  rotary club can  boast of;
C               G7               C               D7   G     Some product  that the state    produces the most of.
C                 A7     D7              Rhode islandis little but oh my  ,
                                G  G7  it has a product anyone  would  buy!
C      G7           C      Copper comes from arizona,
G7                C             peaches come from Georgia,  and
D7                 G7     lobsters come from Maine,
C                        The wheat fields are the
C7                F      sweet fields of Nebraska
D7                                and Kansas gets bonanzas from the
G7     grain,
C           Old whiskey
G7  C                  comes from old Kentucky
G7   C                  ain't the country lucky?
     D7            G7         New Jersey gives us glue.....
C        C7            F                 And you, You come from Rhode Island, and
Fm               C         D7    G7     C  little old Rhode island is famous  for you
                                                   Cotton, comes from Loosiana, gophers from Montana                        and spuds from Idaho.                                                They plough land in the cow land of Missoura,                                                     where most beef meant for roast beef seems to grow                                                             Grand Canyons, come from Colorada, gold comes from nevada,                    divorces also do.                                                                                  And you, you come from Rhode Island, and little Rhode island, is famous for you                                  Pencils, come from Pencilvania,                                vests from vest-virginia, and                        tents from tent-a-see                                      They know mink where they grow mink             in Wyomink                                              a camp-chair in new hampchair that's for me                                                        And minnows, come from Minnowsota, coats from DaCoata                              but why should you be blue?                                                                                  For you, you come from Rhode Island, and little Rhode island, is famous for you
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