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Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes
Track: Yr own world, from the album Beatsongs

Tuning : EADGBe

Verse chords : A G D
Chorus chords : E

There's probably some hammer-ons happening on the E (A string,
2nd fret) and some messing around on the D (adding and removing
the high E and G notes by moving the finger on the top string

Solo bit :

e-------0--5-(repeat this bit and then)--5--0---------------|B-2--3-----------------------------------------3--2---------|G----------------------------------------------------2------|D-----------------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------|
* Chords * E : 022100 A : 002220 D : x00232 G : 320033 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: You are loved, from the Album Friendloverplane2, the Loved E.P. and the World View Blue mini L.P. Tuning : EADGBe Intro Riff is:
If anyone can figure out the rest...(I thinks there's probably Em, Am, C, G, D, & F in there somewhere) **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: Warhols Fifteen, from the Albums Tolerance and Friendloverplane Tuning : EADGBe The whole song is just some picking on a 4 chord progression repeated over and over.
A D(+e) Ge-------------0-------------0-----0------------3-----3--------|B----------2-----2-------------3-----3------------3-----3-----|G-------2-----------2-----2--------------0--0--------------0--|D----2-----------------0--------------------------------------|A-0-----------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------|
* Chords * A : 002220 D(+e) : x00230 G : 320033 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: Talking on the otherphone, from the album Friendloverplane2 and the Boy in the Bubble E.P. This song is pretty easy. There is an acoustic guitar that plays an Em pattern all the way through. Basically its Em with a your finger taken off the A string and then put back on, and then Em with a high A note added (022200). Listen to the track to get the pattern right. Occasionally it goes to a C for a bit, or to a C and then a G. It's really simple, just listen to it. Tuning : EADGBe * Chords * Em : 022000 C : 332010 G : 320003 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: Pony boy, from the Album Friendloverplane2 Tuning : EADGBe Intro/chorus riff:
G F# E D Ge----------------------2-----3---------------------------------|B----------------------3-----3---------------------------------|G----------------------2-----4---------------------------------|D--5--5--5--5--4-------0-----5---------------------------------|A--5--5--5--5--4--0----0-----5---------------------------------|E--3--3--3--3--2--0----------3---------------------------------|
Verse chords : A, D A, G, D (repeat over and over, then from the G go into the riff) Break1 : A (bash with downstrokes) D (bash with downstrokes) G, C D (bash with downstrokes) C and then into riff. (I'm not 100% sure about the chords for break1 but it's the best I've come up with) Break2 (make the two bass plucks louder):
D Ge--------2--------------3----------------------------------------|B-----------3--------------0-------------------------------------|G-----2--------2-----0--------0----------------------------------|D--0-------------------------------------------------------------|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------3----------------------------------------------|
Start by picking on D and G as above and then progress into just bashing the two chords with downstrokes and then go into riff. * Chords * F# : 244322 A : 002220 C : 332010 D : x00232 G : 355433 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: Jacket Hangs, from the Album Swagger Intro/Riff/Verse h=hammer on
Em C1 G (strum a bit)e----0--------------------------0--3------------------------------|B----0--------------------------1--0------------------------------|G----0------------0-------------0--0------------------------------|D-2--2-------0h2-----0h2--------2--0------------------------------|A-2--2--0h2---------------3--3--3--2------------------------------|E-0--0--------------------------3--3---------3--2--0--------------|(then go to * * and repeat)
Chorus: ("...honey...") : D, C2-G, C2, D (play 4 times), Em The C2-G means play C2 followed by G really quickly. * Chords * Em : 022000 C1 : 332010 C2 : x32013 D : x00232 G : 320003 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: Fun, from the Album Beatsongs Tuning : EADGBe Simple song. The verse is just Em, D, G (repeat) Em D G "Pick a number that means one..." The chorus is D C G (repeat) D C G "Well it's not, something that really bothers me..." The break is: C D G "Don't buy me trips away let me walk before I run C D G I don't need anything that you call fun D C D C D G doesn't seem like fun to me" Chords: C : 332010 D : x00232 G : 320033 Em : 022000 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: Colour me, from the Album Beatsongs Tuning : EADGBe Verse chords : Dm, Am, F, C (repeat) Chorus chords : D, G (repeat) For the bit before the chorus begins just bash on the D chord with increasing ferocity but don't hit the top string (x0023x) Playing the verse without distortion and then switching it on for the chorus sounds good. Intro riff: p=pull off
Chords: Dm : x00231 Am : 002210 F : 133210 C : 332010 D : x00232 G : 320033 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: Anti-pretty, from the Album Swagger Tuning : EADGBe Verse chords (open): C, Am (repeat) (try to hit the open D string after each chord strum - listen to the track - you'll get the idea. The ^ symbol denotes when the chord change is) "...considered pretty..." : F G F G ^ C, Am (repeat) "...pretty pretty, they drove..." : F G F G ^ "..she said no, no..." : (All bar chords) Am, G, F#m, F, E ^ C, Am (repeat) "...anti-pretty..." : F G F G ^ "..she said no, no..." : (All bar chords) Am, G, F#m, F, E ^ Break (open chords) : Am, Em, G, D (play 4 times) (All bar chords) Am, G, F#m, F, E C, Am (repeat) the sax comes in : F G F G (Bar chords) Am, G, F#, F, E C, Am (4 times), end on C. I'm not quite sure about the Am, G, F#m, F, E bits. The F#m doesn't sound 100% right. Anyway there are about 3 guitars on the track. * Chords * F#m : 244222 Em : 022000 E : 022100 Am(open): 002210 Am(bar): 577555 F : 133211 C : 332010 D : x00232 G : 320033 G(bar) : 355433 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: The Applicant from the album Swagger Tuning : EADGBe Intro/chorus:
A Asus4 A2 Asus4e---0------0------0------0---------------------------------------|B---2------3------0------3---------------------------------------|G---2------2------2------2---------------------------------------|D---2------2------2------2---------------------------------------|A---0------0------0------0---------------------------------------|E---x------x------x------x---------------------------------------|
Verse: Am F (repeat & go up to a G(bar) when going into the chorus) When changing from the Am to the F put this bit in. It's just a funny little riff thing based around the Aminor chord. All you do is use your little finger to add/remove notes to the Am chord on the B string.
Chords: A : 002220 Am : 002210 F : 133210 C1 : 332010 D : x00232 G(bar) : 355433 F : 133211 **************************************************************** Artist: The Blue Aeroplanes Track: King of the Soapbox, from the album Friendloverplane Tuning : EADGBe Intro pattern (play fast 4 times):
Dsus4 De-3-----------2----------|B----3-----3-----3-----3-|G-------2-----------2----|D------------------------|A------------------------|E------------------------|
Verse: D A G D "...As you walk along you hear somebody speak aloud..." - same chords for rest of verse stuff Chorus: C Am G D "...there he is, he's the king of the soapbox..." - same chords for rest of chorus stuff Ending: D C, D C, D * Chords * A : x02220 Am : 002210 C : 332010 D : x00232 Dsus4: x00233 G : 320033 **************************************************************** Artist: Ride Track: I don't know where it comes from, from the album Carnival of light I've looked at all the other versions of this song on OLGA and have come up with a closer version to what I think they actually play. Intro riff:
e ----------------|B ----------------|G ----------------|D ------0h4-------|A --0h4-----------|E ----------------|
Verse : E D There's something moving through the air, years ago is wasn't F#m F#m F#m A there, if people see it they don't care...are....are - same chords for rest of verse stuff Chorus: E A I don't know where it comes from E C#m I don't know where it comes from E A I don't know where it comes from A7 E don't ask me where it comes from * Chords * E : 022100 A : 002220 C#m : 446654 A7 : 002020 F#m : 244222
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