Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla tab

RIFF 1 Guitar 1 only

E-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------G------------------------------5--------7------7------------------------------9------10----10------D------5------5------5------5--------7------7------8------8------8------9------10-----10-----A------5------5------5------3--------5------5------8------8------8------7------8-------8-------E------3------3......3--------------------------------6------6------6-------------------------------- G C D A# E F
So the chord progression is G-C-D-A#-E-F...and remember to keep it in mind that I have not tabbed out the exact number of strums for each chord. The one main flaw with guitar tab is that it is impossible to discern a song's rhythm from it, so I am not going to bother attempting it. Anyway, as I was saying this is what comes. Next we have: Guitars 1 and 2 RIFF 1 2 times (approximately...once again, check your recordings) At the end of the last progression they go back and forth between the E and F chords like so: E---------------------------------------- At least
to my memoryB---------------------------------------- that is
what they do. G-----------9----10----9------10--- Whether they do
or not, itD-----------9----10----9------10--- functions (to
my ear anyway)A-----------7----8------7------8----- as a good transition into the E---------------------------------------- next section.
After the E-F back and forth part the whole band comes in. Then: Guitar 1 SOLO Guitar 2 RIFF 1 Yes, I could put alot of time and effort into rewinding the tape ad nauseum and figuring out what Billy (I assume by the speed that it is Billy) is doing but I see no point in that because he was just jamming anyway. HE probably doesnt even know what he did unless he listened to the tape. So what you need to do is take some blues sclaes and just hammer away on them quickly while the other guitarist plays the progression. And oh yeah, this song has alot of solos this alot, After the solo we get lyrics, and under them we have: Guitars 1 and 2 RIFF 1 With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound he pulls the splitting high tension wires down. (Guitar 1 solo, Guitar 2 riff 1) (both guitars riff 1) He picks up a bus and throws it back down as he wades thru the people in the center of town. (Guitar 1 solo, Guitar 2 riff 1) (both guitars riff 1) Helpless people on a subway train scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them. (Guitar 1 solo, Guitar 2 riff 1) Now despite its brevity I guess we could call this Riff 2. The sound on my recordin is really bad, but I think they just play this: RIFF 2
E---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D------3------3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A------3------3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E------1------1---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh no, they say he's got to go...go,go Godzilla.
(drums, Guitar 1 solo)
E---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D------3------3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A------3------3-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E------1------1----------------------------------------------------1h3p1h3p1h3~------------ Oh no, there goes Tokyo...go, go God...zilla.
By the way, that hammer and pull off thing is done for a bit longer and kind of fast. After that we have: Guitar 1 SOLO Guitar 2 RIFF 1 Then it comes back to this: (Both guitars Riff 2) Oh no, they say he's got to go...go, go Godzilla. (drums...Guitar 1 solo) (Both guitars Riff 2) Oh no, there goes Tokyo...go, go God...zilla. (Do hammer-pull off.) Then only drums for a while. A bit later, bass line comes in. Further down the road Guitar 1 comes in for a solo, at the end of which we get both guitars doing something like:
E----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D------5/7------9---------10-------11----12------13-------and so on
right up theA------5/7------9----------10------11----12------13-------neck...a crazy
powerE------3/5------7----------8--------9------10------11-----chord going all the way up the neck. Then the
insanity winds down. Your drummer bursts in with an explosive roll and then you just: Guitars 1 and 2 RIFF 1 which gets played under these lyrics: History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men...Godzilla! (2 times) After the second time do that E-F thing again, then: Guitar 1 SOLO Guitar 2 RIFF 1 When solo comes to its end you once again switch back and forth between E and F power chords, then make random insanity going up and down the neck much like the ascending power chords. When it all dies down, a high-pitched voice says: I love you, Godzirra!
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