Blue Oyster Cult – Then Came The Last Days Of May tab

INTRO SOLOE-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------20b22r20-17-------------|G-19b21-19b21r19p17----17-------14-17-14-17-------------19b21r19p17-|D-------------------19----19-15-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
upbeat: G Am G F Esus4 parched land no desert sand the sun was just a dot E Am G F and a little bit of water goes a long way 'cause it's hot Am C D three good buddies were laughing and smoking in the back Dm of a rented ford Am G F they couldn't know they weren't going far Am D7 Am7 D7 Am D each one with the money in his pocket C D Am could go out and buy himself a brand new car C D but they all held the money they had F G Am money they hoped would take them very far Em Dm Am G F Esus4 the sky was bright with traffic light now and then a truck E Am G F and they hadn't seen a cop around all day (what luck) Am C they brought everything they needed D Dm the bags and scales to weigh the stuff Am G F the driver said the border's just over the bluff Am D7 Am7 D7 Am D C it wasn't until the car suddenly stopped D Am in the middle of a cold and barren plain C D and the other guy turned and spilled F G Am three boys' blood did they know a trap had been lain? Em Dm Am G F Esus4 they're ok the last days of may but i'll be needing dry air E Am G F i'm leaving soon the others are already there Am C D Dm wouldn't be interested in coming along instead of staying here? Am G F it's said the west is nice this time of year that's what they say
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