Blue Oyster Cult – Then Came The Last Days Of May tab

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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 12:15:20 +0100

date: 3/12/97
transcriber: stephan jaensch
artist: blue oyster cult
song: then came the last days of may
album: blue oyster cult
author: donald 'buck dharma' roeser

b: bend
r: release
p: pull-off
h: hammer-on

INTRO SOLOE-------------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------20b22r20-17-------------|G-19b21-19b21r19p17----17-------14-17-14-17-------------19b21r19p17-|D-------------------19----19-15-------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------|
upbeat: G Am G F Esus4 parched land no desert sand the sun was just a dot E Am G F and a little bit of water goes a long way 'cause it's hot Am C D three good buddies were laughing and smoking in the back Dm of a rented ford Am G F they couldn't know they weren't going far Am D7 Am7 D7 Am D each one with the money in his pocket C D Am could go out and buy himself a brand new car C D but they all held the money they had F G Am money they hoped would take them very far Em Dm Am G F Esus4 the sky was bright with traffic light now and then a truck E Am G F and they hadn't seen a cop around all day (what luck) Am C they brought everything they needed D Dm the bags and scales to weigh the stuff Am G F the driver said the border's just over the bluff Am D7 Am7 D7 Am D C it wasn't until the car suddenly stopped D Am in the middle of a cold and barren plain C D and the other guy turned and spilled F G Am three boys' blood did they know a trap had been lain? Em Dm Am G F Esus4 they're ok the last days of may but i'll be needing dry air E Am G F i'm leaving soon the others are already there Am C D Dm wouldn't be interested in coming along instead of staying here? Am G F it's said the west is nice this time of year that's what they say
so this is how i could work it out if anyone has any corrections, additions (especially the different rhythm fills and chord modulations) or whatever please add it to my tab or send it to me.
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