Blue Oyster Cult – I Love The Night chords ver. 2

I've never been able to find a tab for this song that sounds right, so I figured 
it out by ear. I play a couple of different chord voicings, depending on if I'm 
playing solo or with another guitarist. The first variation is with standard (open 
position) chords and the second is based off the 7th position. This is my 
interpretation of the song. YMMV

Open position chord voicings:

C - X|3|2|0|1|3
D/A - 5|X|4|0|3|0
Em - 0|2|2|0|0|0
Am - X|0|2|2|1|0
B7 - X|2|1|2|0|2
G - 3|2|0|0|3|3

C  D/A  C  D/A  Em
Am B7 EmThat night her kiss told me it was over
Am B7 EmI walked out late into the dark
G Am C B7The misty gloom seemed to soak up my sorrow
C B7The further I went on
C B7I felt a spreading calm
Am B7 EmAnd suddenly my eyes were filled with light
Am B7 EmAnd a lovely lady in white was by my side, and she said
G Am C B7Like me, I see you’re walking alone
C B7Won’t you please stay?
C B7I couldn’t look away
C D/A C D/AThen she said I love the night
C D/AThe day is okay and the sun can be fun
C D/A C D/A C D/ABut I live to see those rays slip away
C D/A C D/AI love the night
C D/A CThere’s so much that I can show and give to you
D/A C D/A C D/AIf you will welcome me tonight
C D/A C D/AIf only you had been there my dear
C D/A C D/A We could have shared this together
No Mortal was meant to know such wonder One look in the mirror told me so Come darkness I’ll see her again Yes I’m gonna go ‘Cause now I know I love the night The day is okay and the sun can be fun But I live to see those rays slip away I love the night I love the night I love the night Alternate chord voicings: C - X|X|10|9|8|X D/A - X|X|7|7|7|X Em - X|X|9|9|8|7 Am - X|X|10|9|10|X B7 - X|X|9|8|10|X G - X|10|9|7|8|X
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