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Blue Rodeo – I Will tab


     Blue Rodeo
     Album: Are you ready        
     Submitted by Jeff Cummings
                                 I will                   Capo 1st
     Intro:  Am  D  Am  D  G F Em G C

      C           Am       F
     Who wouldn't do anything

     That you asked them to

      C         Am                  F
     carry the world right to your feet

      G                         Am
     that's what you want me to do

                D                    Am
     Didn't we laugh and scream and shout

                D                       G F Em G C
     Didn't we wait 'till it all worked out

     C            Am
     I know it's late

                   F               G             
     and I should wait until the morning comes

      C           Am                F  
     But I got a fear that wakes me up

              G                   Am  
     I don't know where it comes from

               D                      Am   
     Didn't I bring you what I could bring

                 D              G F Em G C
     wouldn't I tell you everything

          C G F        C G F 
     well I will,  and I will


     Some people talk about us

     Said we'd never get this far

     Let it all rain around us

          F                   G F C
     You know the way things are

     Break:  C Am F G  C Am F G  Am D  Am D  G F Em G C
      C       Am              
     Fifteen miles from hope

      F            G                C 
     another town another week goes by

                 Am                 F   
     I'm fading away here like the birds

              G              Am  
     that disappear into the sky

                D                  Am  
     Wouldn't I be there when you call

                D                      G F Em G C
     I pick you up when you start to fall

          C G F        C G F 
     Well I will, well I will

          C G F       C G F    C
     Well I will, and I will
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