Blue Rodeo – Head Over Heels tab

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From: (Drake Hirasawa)
Subject: TAB: Head Over Heals by Blue Rodeo
Date: 	Tue, 11 Jul 1995 14:48:18 -0400

Head Over Heals - Blue Rodeo
>From the CD "Five Days in July"
Words and Music by Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor

Key: A
Capo on 2nd Fret
(All chords/notes shown for Key of G)


G Gsus4e-------------------|b-------------------|g------0-----0------|d-------0-0h2--2-0--| (Repeat 4 times)a-------------------|e---3---------------|
Verse: G Am Sun breaks, I can't wait til I'll be on my way again D G I'm sick and tired of waiting with nothin to do. G Watching the rain through a crack in the window Am It's the little things that get you through D G LIke the same sun risin on me as rising over you. Em C G D Walking and talking like birds in the sky Em C G D You tell your secrets, how gracefully you lie. Chorus: G D Oh, that's the way you come to me Em C I'm head over heals and I'm always gonna be. G D G Gsus4 G That's okay, I love the way you come to me. I guess I'm tempting fate, a little too long it seems Walking in this heat is just like floating in a dream I've been torn apart, put back together With a couple of pieces in wrong, I'm holding up now, oh, but I won't be for long. Tossing and turning like waves in the sea You show myself to me, you let me down easily (Chorus) Well, I know one night together won't make up for ten apart I'm as steady as rain, nothing ever changes in my heart Throw off the covers, open the windows I don't care what we do, I've been standing for days, now I'll to fall down with you. Tossing and turning like waves in the sea You show yourself to me, you lie so easily (Chorus)
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