Blue Rodeo - Till I Am Myself Again tab

the basic intro is

G I wanna know where my confidence went C G One day it all disappeared G G/F# Em C D Iím lying in a hotel room miles away, voices next door in my head G C G Daytimes are bad nighttimeís worse hope that I can get home soon G But the half finished bottles of inspiration lie like ghosts in my room I wanna go, one big step I canít go Iím not ready yet Chorus: Ďtill I am myself Ďtill I am myself Ďtill I am myself again Thereís a seat on the corner I keep every night right till the evening begins I feel like a stranger from another world but at least Iím living again There are nights full of anger, words that are thrown, tempers that are shattered and thin But the moments of magic are just too short theyíre over before they begin Well I know, itís one big step I donít wanna go Iím not ready yet Repeat chorus G C D C G C G C D C G C G C D C G C G C D C G C G I had a dream that my house was on fire People laughed while it burned I tried to run but my legs were numb I had to wait till the feeling returned I donít need a doctor to figure it out I know whatís passing me by When I look in the mirror sometimes I see traces of some other guy Well I wanna go, I know I canít stay, but I donít wanna run feeling this way Repeat chorus G C D C G C G C G C G D C G C G you kinda need the song to figure out the beat, but that is the basic chords
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