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Subject: Blue Rodeo

    Rain Down On Me
    By Blue Rodeo
    From the CD: Lost Together
    By Chris (

     Intro:   C      F      C      F       X 3
            1.Guitar  2.Bass  3.Drums

      C                F            C               F
      you never need for-givness... left home at seven-teen

    C             G/B      Am           D
    raised up on hate to a life that's second rate

    F                          F              G
    I've seen that look before behind

    C                  F            C               F
    you couldn't be de-livered...   just won't be de-nied

    C        G/B     Am            D
    too much a child confident and

    F                              F           G
    -body taught you how to live what to keep and what to..

    Verse section

     F                       C
     give-oh-now she talks to strangers....who everybody.... ..wants you....

      F                          C     C/B
     bring her flowers for her.. hair.........
     bring you flowers for your.

      F                  C
     and every night you count on

      G                     Am
     get you out the door.. then you smile and watch..
     peel you off the wall.

      F                C     G/B    Am   F
     me lose control   R-A-I-N  on  me   oh..

      C      G/B    Am   F    C     G/B     Am   D
     rain down on   me  oh   rain down  on  me  ya...

    F                     F                      F
   I used to think I knew what I was waiting for I don't think that

     C      G/B     Am     F           C    G/B     Am     F
    any-more....(Organ Solo)......

     C      G/B     Am     F           G       G

   C                  F                 C                      F
  didn't know what to bring you--  you don't seem to need much at all.

   C          G/B         Am          D
  no pearls or chains and nobodys sad refrain...

  F                     F                            G       G
  everytime I wonder why I think back to the kindness in your eyes..

    Repeat Verse:
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