Blue Rodeo – Rain Down On Me chords

Rain Down On Me
by Blue Rodeo

Intro:  C  F    x6

Pattern 1:
C FYou never need forgiveness
C FLeft home at seventeen
C GRaised up on hate
Am DTo a life that's second rate
FI've seen that look before
G CBehind some closing door
Pattern 1: You couldn't be delivered You just wouldn't be denied To much a child Confident and wild Nobody taught you how to live
G F (not C) What to keep and what to give
Pattern 2:
F CNow she talks to strangers
F C G FWho bring her flowers for her hair
CBut every night you count on me
GTo get you out the door
AmThen you smile
FAnd watch me lose control
C G Am FYou rain on me
C G Am FRain down on me
C G Am DRain down on me
F F FI used to think I knew
F FWhat I was waiting for
CI don't think that anymore
Solo: C G Am F C G Am F C G Am F G G Pattern 1: I didn't know what to bring you You don't seem to need too much at all No pearls or chains And nobody's sad refrains Every time I wonder why
G (hold)I think back to the kindness in your eyes
Pattern 2: Now everybody wants you Bring you flowers for your hair But every night you count on me To peel you off the wall Then you smile And I just lose control You rain on me Rain down on me Rain down on me I used to think I knew What I was fighting for I don't think that anymore Source: Oh Canada Tab Archive.
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