Blue Sky – Xanadoo tab

Left handed

C                             Em
Raindrops are falling,    the Carnival’s calling
       F                             C
   Outside they’re shivering in the wind
     C                              Em
The teardrops in your face,    they say: “It’s the wrong place
       F                         G
   to stay and to wait for the spring.”
    Dm                      Am
You say to yourself: “Some things are going wrong.”
    C            Em             F            C
So listen to the voice that is singing this song.

      F         G          C       C/H    Am
Take off – destination  -  nowhere, everywhere
      F            G         C       C/H      Am
Take off – you’re leaving, nobody is waiting here
      F          G               C          C/H          Am
Take off – to a new place, where everything is clear and true
      F                  G                 C
Take off – and take the plane to your Xanadoo

You gather some clothes, your heart it is frozen
   You need someone to keep it warm
Like often before you are closing the door
   ‘cause the taxi is blowing its horn
On the way to the airport you see the empty streets
But you’re looking forward here is noone to meet

Refrain …

You fasten your seatbelt, and forget how you felt
   Your plane is ready to start
When the plan is taking off, the sun shines above
   and the stewardess’ smile appears smart
White mountains of clouds are covering the past
And you’re on your way to your own Mardy Grass

Refrain …

Words and music by Michael Seibt
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