Blue Sky – Lands End chords

words and music by Michael Seibt

Am C C AmWave by wave is rolling on / and breaking at the rocks
Am C C GThe wind is pulling at my hair / in the morning six o clock
Am F F CThe end of a cold winter night / the beginning of a new day
F G AmThis is lands end, a stopover on my way
Last week I thumbed a Diesel down / thousand miles away from here Brussels, Porto and Lisbon / cities came and disappeared The next stop is America / far away in the West This is lands end, the last place to rest Refrain
C G F CI am on the journey to the center of my own
C G F AmAnd I know I have to go ten-thousand miles and more
C G F CIt was time to take my matters into my own hands
C G F AmThat is the reason why I am standing on the rock of lands end
I am coiling up my sleeping bag / setting out for the road A drizzling rain is falling down / I am shivering in my coat The way is long, the ocean wide / my way is my reward Yeah, lands end is the right place to start. Refrain ... I am just in time to catch / the next freedom ship A few month later and I will / stroll on the Sunset Strip But before our ship / will reach the open sea I am sure, lands end will wave to me Refrain ...
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