Blue Sky - Never Means That Nothing Will Remain chords

Never means, that nothing will remain
words and music by Michael Seibt

Capo 2. ft. / three-four time

C G Hm7 EmSitting in my bar I was starring in my beer
C G Hm7 Hm7Wondering how I can get out of here
C D G GOutside a mighty cloud-burst was going down
C D GAs it never had been seen here in this town
Then the door was opened and she came in Her wet shirt was pasting on her skin She said: “Oh, it is a shame! Never I have seen such a rain!” Refrain
C G C DNever is a word hardly to sustain
C G D G|: ‘cause never means that nothing will remain :|
We talked nineteen to a dozen ‘til the sun was rising up The ashtray was full of cigarette-stubs Then we went back home Sure we’d never be alone Refrain The days were full of flowers then and full of stars were the night and we enjoyed our life I said “forever and a day” And you swore you’d never go away Refrain Then one day I saw her with another man Walking in the park hand in hand I didn’t feel any kind of pain But never I saw her again
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