Blues Brothers – Everybody Needs Somebody To Love tab

13th Floor Elevators- Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
13th Floor Elevators-Live 

Tabbed by: Perattzi	

Originally done by Solomon Burke in the early 60's...the Stones and others also
covered it it's a great soulful song, and in the Elevators version Roky changes
up the lyrics a bit. And Stacey Sutherland really lays down a cool little solo
(I can't tab it, so if anyone wants to that would be sweet!). Enjoy!

Tuning: EADGBE

Intro (also played throughout) x3e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------7/5---------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|----5\7--------------------------------------------------------------------|
1st verse (spoken) E Barre Chords B / / A / / B / / A / / .........repeated. So glad to be here tonight, so good to be home. And I've got a message I wanna tell everybody here tonight. Have you ever needed somebody? Somebody you really cared about. Somebody that would be there when you came home. Somebody you could talk to about.......your(??????Cant make it out) Chorus same chords...B A Everybody needs somebody. Everybody needs somebody. Everybody needs somebody. Somebody to love. 2nd verse still same chords B... A... B... A... Somebody to kiss. Somebody to hold. Chorus 2 I need you, you, you.(x6) I need you. Drum break...howls.... Verse 3 Chords Barre Chords G#m/Abm & F#/Gb Sometimes I feel....soooo bad inside. ??????Can't understand this part..... repeat chorus 2 and main chord pattern Let me hear ya say yeah!...yeah! Solo in B blues scale howls, mumbles, grumbles ad libs etc. repeat verse 3 and chorus 2 Solo in B again speed up, howl and finish in a fury!
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