Blues Traveler – Best Part tab

Blues Traveler
Best Part

If you alternate the C G C C Am G C and Am C (F) patterns every stanza, you'll get
the sound you're looking for.


C G C C Am G C Well what do you know here we are again G C C Am G C Been a long time I can't remember when G C C Am G C Well I wrote another one and guess who it's for G C C Am G C Don't mind if I'm embarrassed I can't take it anymore G C C Am G C You know I travel the world but I don't go no place G C C Am G C And I got you to blame and the smile on your face G C C Am G C You know I look in your eyes I see a part of me there G C C Am G C So excuse my directness, but I just don't care Am C What I think I'm talking about is a last ditch chance Am C Don't care about the likelyhood or circumstance Am C It seems I'm still here and I'm waiting for you Am C And I've got no reason no time and an excellent view Am C Of your eyes in my head and it's killing me Am C But the possibilities are thrilling me Am C So I guess I'll sit right here with nothing better to do Am F C Am G C And to top it all of you know the best part is I'm gonna let you on in on a big surprise My heart is where the eagle flies Yeah I'm the master of my destiny That's why I need you right here with me You see I've come to learn that without you around I might as well be standing on the ground And with you with me and with me with you There's not a goddamn thing that we could not do I'm not talking about us never being alone I'm suggesting we make the world our home You've got to fly free and so do I And this we we'd never need to say goodbye But instead things like "see you soon" And "explore and play" And "the one you love is not far away" "But safe in your heart to see you thru" And to top it all off you know the best part is that I I'm gonna take you take you by the hand You know even General Custer had to make a stand I'll drop in from the skies or I'll move in slow But there's so damn much that I want you to know So take a look around you tell me what do you see? Then take those eyes and take a look at me You know you see things that others don't So if you think I'll go away I won't You see my engine's blown and it's time to punt And there's an element of danger pulling off this stunt But the survey says that I don't seem to mind And you're the adventure that I'm trying to find There's a whole lot of things that other people have said But I don't care if I'm correct or if it's all in my head So damn the torpedoes and cock a doodle-doo! Am F C Am And to top it all off you know the best part is that I love you C Am I'm singing I love you C Am C Am Please, I'm down on my knees C Am In the north and the south and the east and the west C Make it the very, very, very, very, very Am F Best, best part Outro G (8x downstrum) F (3x downstrum) C
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