Bluetones – Are You Blue tab

Intro: times 2=====e------------555---------------------555-----------b-55-333-55--555--------55--7-9--55--555-----------g-66-404-66--555--------66--7-9--66--555-----------d-77-555-77--444--------77--9-11-77--444-----------a-00-000-00--555--------00--0-0--00--555-----------
verse: ===== a = x02220 d= xx4232 These chords are played 2 beats each all through verse or you can just play the intro. See, clouds disperse and settle on my head. Leave my eyes but clear the cobwebs from my head. It's like the book I've read, all the dust inside my head coda: ==== from here on a slash(/) is used for a bar and it's 4 beats per bar e / f#m / d / d chorus: ====== d c#m / a-run a-run = e-0------------------------ d e / a-run b-2---------2-------------- d c#m / a-run g-2-----2-4---4-2---------- c / e / d e d-2-3-4-------------------- a-0------------------------ verse coda chorus mid 8: ===== f#m / a / d / e f#m / a / d / e d c#m bm e d c#m bm verse coda chorus end: === extra bit: ---------0---------- d c#m / a-run ---------2---------- f g / a-run ---------2---------- d c#m / a-run ---------2---------- f / g / a-run(with extra bit) -4 3b-0--0---------- Sorry, I got fed up trying to figure out what the words are. mark.
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