Bluetones - Nifkins Bridge tab

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Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 17:26:36 -0500
From: "MAQUET, Frederic F."  (by way of cal woods)
Subject: Tab: Nifkin's Bridge by The Bluetones

		Nifkin's Bridge by The Bluetones
				Tabbed by Frederic Maquet

B-side from the single "Marblehead Johnson".  This is a rather nice
acoustic number which goes more+more electric as the song goes.

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Verse 1: --------
Eme:-----------7----------3----------5----------2----------2----------2-|B:-----0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0-------|G:--------0----------0----------0----------0----------0----------0----|D:--------------------------------------------------------------------|A:--------------------------------------------------------------------|E:--0-----------------------------------------------------------------| In this town the people can be ignorant andcruel
In this town where people can be ignorant and cruel And no-one ever seems to listen Honest words don't know the damage they can do Truth has no rhyme, it has no reason Chorus: ------- C Em7 end Twiddle e:-------------------0----------|--|----------0----------|--|----------- | B:-------------1--------1-----1-|--|----3--------3-----3-|--|--0h1p0---- | G:----------0-----0--------0----|--|-------0--------0----|--|---------0- | D:------------------------------|x2|---------------------|x2|----------- | A:-3--2--3----------------------|--|--2------------------|--|----------- | E:------------------------------|--|---------------------|--|----------- | Coz it's mooooooooooo- ving awaaaaay from you 'Cos it's moving away from you 'Cos it's moving away Verse 2: (same progression as verse1) -------- It's strange the way the years have left no mark on you But stolen all the fight within you Where is the child that was to teach us how to fly Now her dream cannot begin to Chorus 2:(same as chorus 1) --------- Is she moving away from you? Is she moving away?
Bridge: Played at end of bridge------- Emadd9----------------------| (electric)e:--0-----3-----5----7--7--5--3--|----------------|------------|B:--0-----0-----0----0--0--0--0--|----------------|------------|G:--0-----0-----0----0--0--0--0--|-----------0----|------------|D:--2-----2-----x----x--x--x--x--|-----4--------4-|-x3---------|A:--2-----2-----x----x--x--x--x--|--2-----2-------|------------|E:--0-----------0----0--0--0--0--|----------------|------------|
Verse 3: (same as verse 1) -------- A thousand nameless roads have taken me away Miles of fallen rain behind me And though you know I'm just a phone number away I wonder if you'll ever find me Chorus 3: (same progression as chorus 1) --------- 'Cos I'm moving away from you I am moving away 'Cos I'm moving away from you I am moving away End Riff: (distorted electric:) --------- Em C F F C Em / // // / / // // / /
Over acoustic chords: Em C F? C Eme:-----------------------------------------------------|---|B:-------------------------------------------1--1--0---|---|G:---------0--------------0------------0---------------|---|D:------2-----2--------2-----2------3-----3------------|x10|A:---2--------------3------------3---------------------|---|E:-----------------------------------------------------|---|
fade out Lyrics from Chords: Em 022000 Em7 022030 or 020000 Emadd9 024000 C 032010 F 133211 F? 133011 (use your thumb one the low e-string) E-mail corrections/comments etc.. to
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