Blur – Chemical World tab ver. 2

Song:      Chemical World
Artist:    Blur
Album:     Modern Life Is Rubbish 1993
Guitarist: Graham Coxon

Intro - DistortionE|---5----5--------2-------------|B|---5----5--------3-------------|G|---6----6--------2--4p2-4p2----| x2D|---7----7--------0----------3--|A|---7----7----------------------|E|---5----4----------------------| A A/BassAb D
Then the bass and drums stop and another guitar plays this:
Verse/Bridge Guitar 1 - Distortion, Minimal Chorus. Play on Humbucker for that deep watery sound.E|----------------------------------------------------------|B|-------14--------14h15-14---------------------------------|G|-----14--14----14--------14--------7~-4h5-4--2h4p2-0------|D|-----------------------------6h7--------------------------|A|---12--------11------------------5------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------| A A/Ab D
You can also play the D part like this:
E|------------------------------------B|------------------------------------G|------------------------------------D|---------0-12-12-9h10p9-7h9p7--5~---A|---11h12----------------------------E|------------------------------------ D
After Guitar 1 plays that riff once, Guitar 2 (Electric) and Guitar 3 (Acoustic) enters:
Guitar 2 and 3 play these chordsE|---5---5----2---0---3---|B|---5---5----3---1---0---|G|---6---6----2---0---0---|D|---7---7----0---2---0---|A|---7---7--------3---2---|E|---5---4------------3---| A A/Ab D C GThis continues through verse until chorus
Chorus Guitar 1 - DistortionE|-----------------------------------------------2-----------------|B|-------5----------5--2p0------------5----------3-----------------|G|-----6---6----6-6----------2----4/6---6--4-----2----4p2-4p2------|D|---7-------6-----------------4--4/6---6----4---0-------------3---|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| A Amaj7 F#min C#min Bmin D F
Chorus Guitars 2 and 3 play these chordsE|---0----0----2-----4-----2----2---1---|B|---2----2----2-----5-----3----3---1---|G|---2----1----2-----6-----4----2---2---|D|---2----2----4-----6-----4----0---3---|A|---0----0----4-----4-----2--------3---| Repeat these through chorusE|-------------2--------------------1---| A Amaj7 F#min C#min Bmin D F
After 1st chorus guitar 1 plays this fillE|---5~---4-4/555-4/555---|B|---5~---4-4/555-4/555---|G|---6~-------------------|D|---7~-------------------|A|---7~-------------------|E|---5~-------------------| A
The Bridge is just the intro and verse guitar 1 guitar parts repeated. At final chorus repeat the chorus guitar parts until fade out. I think thats pretty much Chemical World by Blur. A great song and a good showcase for Coxons guitar techniques. Have Fun! Song Lyrics Verse 1 The pay-me girl has had enough of the bleeps So she takes a bus into the country Although she got herself rosy cheeks She didn't leave enough money to pay the rent The landlord says that she's out in a week What a shame she was just getting comfy Now she's eating chocolate to induce sleep In a chemical world it's very, very, very cheap Chorus And I don't know about you They're putting the holes in, yes, yes It's been a hell of a do They've been putting the holes in, yes, yes Verse 2 Peeping Thomas has a very nice view Across the street at the exhibitionist These townies they never speak to you Just stick together so they never get lonely Feeling lead, feeling quite light-headed Had to sit down and have some sugary tea In a chemical world, in a chemical world it's very, very, very cheap
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