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Blur - "Explain" (on "Bang" 12" and CD singles)

(I haven?t heard this yet, I got this out of the UK Blur fanzine called "Blurb"
-thanks Martin!)

It?s pointless to explain why	   ---
There?s nothing I can say	     |
My words would all be meaningless    |  G
Anyway				   ---

It seems I can?t be trusted	   ---
And I don?t disagree		     |
What made you ever think I really    |  G
Wanted to be			   ---

I can?t explain why

A#		 C
And I don?t know when

G		  A#
I?m ever going to want to

See her again

So don?t ask why I came here		---
There?s nothing I can say		  |
I don?t think I?ll be staying very long	  |  G
Anyway					---

I?m trying to find out why	 ---
I came here at all		   |
I don?t think it was to see you	   |  G
After all			 ---

(Repeat chorus 3x)
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