Blur - To The End tab


                                D*           Em   Em(maj)7  Em7

Em7 D* All those dirty words (jusqu'a la fin) Em Em(maj)7 they make us look so dumb (en plein soleill) Em7 D* Been drinking far too much (jusqu'a la fin) Em Em(maj)7 Em7 And neither of us mean what we say (En plein -mour) CHORUS G6 A6 Well you and I G6 Collapsed in love, A6 Dsus9 D E And it looks like we might have made it Gadd9 A Yes it....Looks like we've made it to the end Verse 2 (Same foreign language lyrics apply) What happened to us? Soon it will be gone forever Infatuated only with ourselves And neithr of us can think straight anymore
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