Blur - To The End chords

I dont think the one posted for this song sounds completly right. A few chords are 
a bit out, so here is what I'm pretty sure is a better version. I think the french 
is spelt right, but I'm a little rusty. Don't sing the translation, i just put that for interest.

to the end - blur

Dall those dirty words, jusqu'a la fin ((up to the end)
Emthey make us look so dumb, en plein soliel ((in full sun)
Dwe've been drinking far too much, jusqu'a la fin ((up to the end)
Emand neither of us mean what we say, en plein amour ((in full love)
G6 A6you and I
G6 A6collapse in love
A6 Dsus4 D E and it looks like we might have made it
G9 Ayes it looks like we made it to the end
Dwhat happend to us, jusqu'a la fin
Emsoon it will be gone forever, en plein soliel
Dinfatuated only with ourselves, jusqu'a la fin
Emand neither of us can think straight anymore.
Repeat chorus. By Matthew Wedlake Millecam
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