Blur – Young And Lovely tab

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Blur - "Young & Lovely" (On "Chemical World" 12" single and part two of a
two CD set)

One of my favorite Blur songs (actually I love them all!) and fun to play:


Bm C AE |----------------------------------------------------------------------|B |----------------------------------------------------------------------|G |----------------0---------------------------------------2----0---0---0|D |-0h2p0-0h2p0-0h2---0h2p0-0h2p0-0h2---0h2p0-0h2p0-0h2-0h2--0h2-0h2-0h2-|A |------2-----2-----------3-----3---0-------4-----4---0-----------------|E |----------------------------------------------------------------------|
I don't know the lead over the verse, but here are the chords: G F A Friday's child is planning to out for the first time C#m F#m G (says) Don't worry mum, I won't be out that late G F A Can't be playing those passive games right now they're out of date C#m F#m G You're awfully sweet, haven't got the time A B Growing up so fast, got better things to do..... G D E Bm You can get what you want, you're so young and lovely C A Oh oh, la la la (repeat) G F A Kicking around in the center of the town looking through shop windows C#m F#m G Those mannequins look far too real at night G F A Friday's child doesn't know if it's awake or if it's dreaming C#m F#m G A (says) Don't worry dad, I'll do my bit, I'll raise the flag B I'll be just like you..... (chorus 2x then verse chords) G A B Don't worry mum, I'm not that dumb, I'll be just like you..... (intro 2x then chorus 4x) G D E Bm C A Oh oh why, why you do it? oh oh, la la la (I think that's what Damon's saying)
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