Bob Dylan – Baby Let Me Follow You Down tab


+ Play with capo on 2nd Fret however, it sounds o.k. without one

+ Listen to the record to get the rhythm and stuff and he seems to play the lower
first then the higher ones on some of the chords and doesn’t play all the strings...once again
to the record to get the right sound and idea!!

+ This is also my first tab ive made for the internet not that it really matters. Sorry
the chords or chord names are wrong, im a lazy self taught guitarist.

+ Below are the main chords in the song, listen to the record to get the right sound and
going, then just repeat basically

    G   F   C   Eb G/b  D/a C/e D   C   D   G

Electric: + This version is dead easy, Its from when Bob Dylan plaid with The Band on the Last Waltz + No Capo needed and tuning is E B G D A E G G F G F F C C
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