Jammin tab with lyrics by Bob Marley - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Bob Marley – Jammin tab

Ok, first and foremost. Most(if not all) of the tabs for this song are actually the 
part. This is the guitar part, which you can see Bob playing if you watch the video of this. 
search it on youtube)

This is my first tab, and I knwo its a little messy looking, but all the music is right.

normal tuning EADGBe
play with upstrokes, muting the chords immediately after playing.

for the whole song, except for the interlude, play this progression.

--2--2--4--4--------2--2-|--3--3--5--5--3--3--2--2-|--2--2--4--4--4--4--2--2-|--4--4--6--6--5--5--2--2-|-------------------------|-------------------------|and keep repeating it.
at the interlude, where Bob says "oh holy mount zion, oh holy mount zion, just sitting the mount zion, ruling all creation, here were"(those werent the exact lyrics, btu i dont like getting the exact ones right now) play this.
--7--7--7--7-|--7--7--8--8-|--7--7--7--7-|--7--7--9--9-|--9--9--7--7-|--7--7-------| repeat that once.
"just sitting on.." "ruling all..."7-----------------------------7b------------------|7-----------------------------7b------------------|7-----------------------------7b------------------|7-----------------------------7b------------------|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|
and now back to the original progression. However, after the interlude the whole song much breaks down into a jam session. When we perform, after this point we stop singing and solos one at a time. enjoy.
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