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Bob Marley – Sun Is Shining tab

			     Bob Marley – Sun is Shining
Tabbed by: thebroadbeatskanks

Tuning: standard

                  Rhythm                            Right Hand

1 + 2 + 3 4 1 2 3 41.e|-------------------|------------------||-----------------------------------|B|------0--------3---|-3---2---2---1----||--(a) use ring finger for B string-|G|------0--------0---|-----0-------0---.||--(m)use middle finger for G string|D|---------------2---|-----2-------2---.||--(i) use index finger for D string|A|-----------2-------|------------------||--(p) use thumb for E and A strings|E|--0-0-0-0----------|------------------||--(p)------------------------------|
2.e|------0--------3---|-3---0---x---0----||--(a) move all fingers up a set of-|B|------1--------1---|-----1---x---1----||--(m)-strings----------------------|G|------2--------2---|-----2---x---2---.||--(i)------------------------------|D|-----------2-------|---------x-------.||--(p)------------------------------|A|--0-0-0-0----------|---------x--------||--(p)------------------------------|E|-------------------|---------x--------||-----------------------------------|
X = mute strings and hit percussively Left Hand The first line is sourced from a root position Em7 chord. Use finger 2 and 3 to play notes A2 and D2. These fingers stay in place for the entire line. Use little finger 4 on the note B3. As the line progresses, move little finger 4 to note B2 and finally use favourite finger 1 to play note B1. Remember keep fingers 2 and 3 down for the duration of the riff. Hopefully you will create an effect where a bassline is heard over the EAD strings; the GBE strings should recreate the distinctive reggae stab The second line is sourced from a root position Am chord. Use finger 2 on note D2. Use finger 3 on note G2. Use favourite finger 1 on note B1. As the line progresses use little finger 4 on note E3. Right Hand See right hand instruction written next to tab. (p)thumb (i)index (m)middle (a)ring finger Some right hand finger technique is required. Good starting points are basic classical studies E.G. any learn to play classical guitar should contain some right hand exercises. Folk/70s acoustic songwriters could provide a different angle to improving finger independence. General This tab should capture the essence of the track, without actually accurately reflecting most of the songs ideas. Variation can be achieved by combining staccato and legato techniques. E.g. try playing the thumb part staccato and chord stabs (ima fingers) legato. Eg2 try the reverse, long flowing bassline with punchy stabs. Dynamics are also essential, loud/quiet. The vocal performance will most likely help decide how to alter the volume throughout song. Listen to the song and change between lines as appropriate. E.G. the sun is shining(line 1) to the rescue, here I am(line 2) when the morning(line 1) to the rescue (line 2) Bass line (optional bass line from song) 1 + 2 + 3 4 1 2 3 4
G|--2---------------|------------||D|----2--- 2--------|-----------.|| Line 1A|-----------3------|-----------.||E|------------------|------------||
G|--7--------------|--------------||D|---7----7--------|-------------.|| Line 2A|----------7------|-------------.||E|-----------------|--------------||
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