Bob Seger – Understanding chords

{This song was posted by an unregistered guest who didn't get the chords
correct.  This is the way the sing is actually played.  Enjoy.}


Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band

A D AIt seems like only yesterday
D A D A D EI didn't have a clue
D A I stood alone not knowing where to turn
D ANow suddenly I look around
D A D A D EAnd everything looks new
D AI don't know why, but I think I'm starting to learn
C#m AThey call it understanding
EA willingness to grow
C#m AI'm finally understanding
E D AThere's so much I can know
D AUntil the day you came along
D A D A D EI used to just get lost
D AI only heard the things I wanted to hear
D AIt always seemed like no one cared
D A D A D EBut then you took the time
D AAnd now I look and everything seems so clear
C#m AYou've got me understanding
EYou've really helped me see
C#mI'm finally understanding
A EIt's meant so much to me
C#mYou've got me understanding
A EYou've given me some pride
C#mI'm finally understanding
A E DYou're really on my side, you're really on my side
A D E AYeah, yeah
AYou've got me understanding
D A D A D A D EUnderstanding
D AYa got met understanding
D A D A D A D EUnderstanding
AYa got me understanding
D A D A D EFor the first time
Aya got me understanding
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