Bob Sinclar - World Hold On tab

Well thoses are the basic chords that are played in the hole song 

Abm - Dbm - E - F#

This is an electronic song so feel free to play the chords the way you want!

Thoses are my suggestions :

Abm Dbm E F#E---4---|---4---|---7---|---9---|B---4---|---5---|---9---|---11--|G---4---|---6---|---9---|---11--|D-------|-------|-------|-------|A-------|-------|-------|-------|E-------|-------|-------|-------|
Abm Dbm E F#E---4---|---4---|---0---|---2---|B---4---|---5---|---0---|---2---|G---4---|---6---|---1---|---3---|D---6---|---6---|---2---|---4---|A---6---|---4---|---2---|---4---|E---4---|-------|---0---|---2---|
or Power Chords too (in my opinion this is the best one)
Abm Dbm E F#E-------|-------|-------|-------|B-------|-------|-------|-------|G---8---|-------|-------|-------|D---6---|---6---|---9---|---11--|A-------|---4---|---7---|---9---|E-------|-------|-------|-------|
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