Bobby Caldwell – Open Your Eyes chords

Song: Open Your Eyes
Artist: Bobby Caldwell
Tabbed by: CerpinTaxt (
Tuning: EADGBE

I originally found this as a hand-drawn chart here:
Most credit goes to the original poster, I've simply put it in an easier to read format 
and changed some chord phrasings.

The chorus is a little iffy. There's definitely a Gmaj7 chord through most of it, with 
the bass line moving underneath.
Use this phrasing: 3x443x to free up a lot of movement in your index finger, making the 
bassline easier to play.
It ends with G/A, but there's a similar chord before it that I can't suss out.

Dmaj7 Gmaj7 C9I see you in a lonely place
Dmaj7 Bm7 Gmaj7 C9How can you be so blind
Dmaj7 F#mYou're still regretting
Gmaj9 G/A A/B G/E G/AThe love you left, left behind
Oh darling
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 C9I've seen you go through the changes
Dmaj7 Bm7 Gmaj7 C9Sitting alone each night
Dmaj7 F#m Gmaj9 G/AAre you expecting to find the love
A/B G/E G/ALove that's right
Gmaj7 with bassline Darling open your eyes Let me show you the light
G/AGirl you'll never find a love that's right
Gmaj7 with basslineDarling open your eyes
Let me show you the light Girl you think you're so wise
G/AYou're so wise
Dmaj7There are times
Gmaj7 C9When you'll need someone
Dmaj7 Bm7 Gmaj7 C9I will be by your side
Dmaj7 F#mI take my chances
Gmaj9 G/A A/BBefore they pass, pass me by
G/E G/AOh darling
Dmaj7 Gmaj7 C9There is a light that shines
Dmaj7 Bm7 Gmaj7 C9Special for you and me
Dmaj7 F# Gmaj9 G/AYou need a look at the other side
A/B G/E G/AYou'll agree
Gmaj7 with basslineDarling open your eyes
Let me show you the light
G/AYou may never find a love that's right
CHORDS: Dmaj7 - x57675 Gmaj7 - 3x443x C9 - x3233x Bm7 - x24232 A/B - 7x765x Gmaj9 - 300202 G/A - 5x543x G/E - 0x543x F#m - 244222 BASSLINE:
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