Bobby Darin – The Shadow Of Your Smile tab

The Shadow Of Your Smile:Bobby Darin.
On The charts in '66.

Dm                 Em7         A7      Dm  G9
The shadow of your smile, when you are gone,
Dm                Gm7         C7        F
Will color all my dreams, and light the dawn.
CM7          F#m7     B7        Em  B+ Em7
Look into my eyes, my love, and see,
Dm6            E7         A#7 Em7 A7
All the lovely things you are to  me.

NC                 FM7       B7      Em  B+ Em7
Our wistful little star went far too high,
  Dm6                  Gm7       C7     Am7-5 D7
A teardrop kissed your lips, and so did I.
           Gm7      A#m7
Now when I remember spring,
D#7              Am7-5    D7
All the joy that love can bring,
            G7    Gm7      C9     C7/9    F    Fdim. Gm7 A#m7 F
I will be remembering, the shadow of your smile.

REPEAT#1 & #2.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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