Bobby Darin – Clementine chords

very easy and fun song to play once you know all the lyrics.
the lyrics are all here as well!       

           "CLEMENTINE" by Bobby Darin



verse 1:

in a cavern, down by a canyon , excavating, for a mine
C Dm G7 Cthere lived a miner, from north carolina, and his daughter, chubby Clementine
C Dm G7 C verse 2: every mornin', just about dawnin', when the sun, began to shine C Dm G7 C y'know she would rouse up, wake all of them cows up, and walk them down, to her daddies mine C Dm G7 C verse 3: we took the footbridge, across the water, and though she weighed two-ninety-nine C Dm G7 C that bridge trembled, and dissassembled, dropped her in, to the foamy brine C Dm G7 C verse 3: cracked like thunder, you know she went under, blowing bubbles, down the line C Dm G7 C now i'm no swimmer, but where she thinner, i might've saved that Clementine C Dm G7 C verse 4: she broke the record, way under water, we thought she, was doing fine C Dm G7 C i wasnt nervous, not until the service, that they held, for Clementine C Dm G7 C verse 5: so hey ya sailor! way out on ya whaler, with your harpoon, your trusty line C Dm G7 C if she shows now, yell "there she blows" now, it just may be, chunky Clementine! C Dm G7 C and thats all! yay! great classic song, have fun strumming along! -Bert Toast
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