Bobby Womack – Harry Hippie chords

Easy and nice song

E C#mEverybody claims that they want the best things
Aoutta life, (ha) but not everyone, not everyone
Bwanna got through the toils and strifes.
C#mLike this particular fella, walks around
all day long singin' this song
A Bsha na lah dah dah lah dah dah dah dah
E C#mHarry Hippie, lies asleep in the shade,
Alife don't bug him cause he
Bthinks he's got it made.
E AbmHe never worry about nothin' in particular
A BOooh he might even sell free press on Sunset.
C#m BI'd like to help a man when he's down
C#mbut I can't help him much
B Awhen he's sleepin' on the ground.
E BHe's like a bottle in water
A F#mHarry just floats through life
E C#mWalks around all day long singin' this song
A BWhoa, whoa, whoa, ohhh yeah
All the same.... But at 2:20
BBut he still walks around all day singin' this song
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