Bodies Of Water – I Guess Ill Forget The Sound I Guess I Guess tab

Artist - Bodies of Water
Band Website -
Song - I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess
Album - Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink

Tabulated by: Bashu Naimi-Roy
whose email is: vrover(at)

Hey everybody, I guess you like Bodies of Water? Glad to hear it!
I think these guys are crazy and great (which is a wonderful combination in a band).

Here's a way to play I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess, an epic song in 
I am a piano player, not a guitar player, I must confess, but then who is?
As such, I try to avoid tablature cause it's not the water I swim in, but some parts I 
resist trying to tab out.
I guess you could call me a tabby cat!

I've included all the "aah"s and "ba-da-da-bum"s because they are VITAL.

Feel free to delete all this when you're printing it out, I won't feel bad even if you 
me and tell me that you did so.

Part 1:
Dear when I touch your face, aw-aw DOM DOM
Em           C 	              Em   D    Em
I can no longer hear, aw-aw        DOM DOM
Em	   C		 Em         D   Em

The sound of a million hearts
Em    C    D              Em
Beating together as one  DOM DOM
Em         C         Em	  D  Em

And when the night is gone, aw-aw  DOM DOM
Em            C              Em    D    Em
And when the dawn has come, aw-aw  DOM DOM
Em            C               Em   D    Em

I will take the daylight on
Em  C   D              Em
My cheeks will dry off in the sun  DOM..
Em            C	              Em     D

Part 2:Part 2 introduction, guitar part (same as the ba-ba part): Em De|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------0--------2---2--------------------------------------------------|D|-----2-2-2---4-2--0---0----------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Part 2 introduction, bass part, tuned to Drop D tuning:
Em DG|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------0-2-0--------------0------------------------------------------|D|-----2-2---5------5-2---0-0-4-5---5-4-0------------------------------------|
There is probably a way to play it in Standard tuning. Beats me, though. Intro ends acapella., ba-da dum Dum dum Dum Em D, ba-da dum Dum dum Dum Em D Ba ba ba ba, ba-da ba ba ba ba, ba-da ba ba ba ba, ba-da bum Em G D A (Although really, you should not be playing instruments at all by this part and it might weird if you do. Play at your own risk! The song you once knew might be drastically different. Try just singing the bass notes, the way the band does. Play with it) Though my heart once was broke, it's been mended Em Em/B C And the sting of the fracture has ended Em Em/B C But still the sound of the hearts that are breaking Em C And boots that are knocking pervades G D Before the day that I first touched your face Em C Oh, the roar of these things filled my ears G D Then I embraced you and (made partly deaf) Em C I could just hear our breath as we breathed G D Up 'til that day I could hear them Em Em/B C And the sound as they broke, it was fearsome Em Em/B C That was until your arms opened up wide Em C And the treasure therein was made mine G D There is a noise that is taking their place Em C In the hollow of my inner ear G D It is far more than the sum of its parts Em C A white noise as warm as the sun G D, D7, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Part 3: Now that I've found you dear C G Their plight has lost immediacy D Em And now that I've touched your face C G The noise fades from memory D Em I guess we'll forget the sound C G I guess, I guess D Em My cheeks will dry off in C G The sun, the sun D Em I guess we'll forget the sound C G I guess, I guess D Em And sing it forever.
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