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Body – Her tab

   Since the intro is listed heres the way I write the whole song.Good Luck

CLEAN ELECTRIC WITH CHORUS( GUITAR 1 )--1---1---1---1---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---------2--2-----------------------3---3---3---3---0---0---0---0---2---2---2---2---2---2--2-------------------------2---2---2---2---2---2---2---2---0---0---0---0-----0--0----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
( GUITAR 2 ) confusing,but you should get the hang of it----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3------------------------------------------------------------------------2-3-2---32-3--30-------3----------------------------------------------------
----0-0-3----3-0----2-3-2---32-3---30-------PLAY THROUGH LYRICS--------------------------------3~---0-0-3----3-0-------------------------------------------------------------------------------3~-------------------------------------------- THERES A GIRL WHO LEAVES ME WONDERING...............
LYRICS: Theres a girl who leaves me wondering,If I should stay or go I love her so I cant let her go,I think about her all the time cant get her out of my mind,that or I would be dead,full of dread the walls fade to black,I wont be back,but its noones fault but mine now,I dont know if she still swings my way. CHORUS:Bored with life I'm gunna live it up,as long as the musics loud The magic women hurt my soul,so now im gunna leave her in the summertime baby i want to leave you,I aint joking women because I got to ramble I dont hear it calling the way it used to,I aint never gunna leave you I dont know what I got myself into,Been dazed and confused for so long oh so long,the magic women put a haze around my eyes,define reality but I dont know where I'd be without her. CHORUS:Bored with life She's so hot shes on fire,every touch sends chills up my spine shes not the one,but the only one that makes me fell like this Ahes to Ashes,lust to lust,everything covered in rust Its how the story goes,cause I cant exept the life thats mine the life,the life without HER,sometimes felling to give up wheres the truth now,when all we have left is each other CHORUS:There she stands ALL alone beutiful,beutiful,beutiful,beutiful,never a dark cloud across her skies. (KYLE UPTON,WILLIAM MOORE,JOHNATHAN NEWMAN,JOSHUA BLAIR) FOR MORE INFO ON BODY GO TO www.webspawner.com under BODY sighnin or E-mail CHAINS for more info.
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