Bokomolech - Coal tab

Hello  bastards!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is George i am from orhomenos GREECE,GREECE

bassG------------------------------------------------------|D------------------------------------------------------|A- 55555/777777/33333 3----------55555-----------------|E- ---------------------5-33333-5----------------------|
do it this until the end
GUITARit has only a soloe------------------|------------------------------------|B------------------|------------------------------------|G-----7---7--------|-7---7---------7-9-9-9b11-7-9-7-----|D-7-9---9---9-7----|---9---9-7----------------------9-7-|A---------------10-|-----------10-----------------------|E------------------|------------------------------------|
Where are my feet? I'll take an order and have some wheat it's probably deceitful but i can't have more than a mouthful fascinate my love you know we fit like hand in glove the fastest wheels in town get mad but never frown (the darkest winter of my soul and i don't even have some COAL) now bastard where you stand holding my treasure in your hand your thoughts are so full of danger your safety is so full of danger... THE DARKEST WINTER OF MY SOUL AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE SOME COAL
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