Bon Jovi – August 7 4 15 Acoustic tab

Im pretty sure this isn't 100% correct but unless you compare it directly to
the original acoustic version you won't be able to tell (hopefully).
Read the story behind this song on wikipedia:,_4:15

Well anyway this is how I play it, I'm not that good at tabbing but here goes...

Verse 1, 2 and Intro

These 2 riffs alternate during the verses and intro Also, there's a section in between verse 1 and 2 where there is no singing, however, the above riffs are still played. Bridge Not too sure on but you can play an Asus2 and improvise appregiating or just strum Chorus (strummed) G C G D Tell me it was just a dream, August 7 4:15. Em C G D C God closed his eyes and the world got mean. August 7 4:15. Verse 3 Bridge (Asus2) Chorus Guitar solo Not too sure on this either, Richie mostly improvises. You can strum Em D and C through it though, as it is not a lengthy one. Verse 4 Bridge Chorus X2 Corrections: email Bon Jovi is the best xD
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