Bon Jovi - The Distance tab

The Distance
By Bon Jovi
written by Jon bon jovi, Richie Sambora, Demond Child
From the album "Bounce" (2002)
Trancribed by Santiago Rodriguez (
Maracay, Venezuela

This is another great Bon Jovi song (the third single for bounce), 
this one doesn't have guitar solo but it has a great heavy power chords, 
this solo in live has a solo in the end...just enjoy it!

... : Palm mute
____: let ring the note

Guitar 1: Drop-D (heavy distortion)


Natural Harmonics:E|-------------------------------------------|B|--(7)-----(7)-----(7)-----(7)----(7)-------|G|----(7)-----(7)-----(7)-----(7)----(7)-----|D|------(7)-----(7)-----(7)-----(7)----(7)---|A|-------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------|x2
Intro power chords:
D5 G5 B5 G5 *end-int*E|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------4--4-4--4--4-4-4--4-4-4-4-------------------|D|---7____--5____----4--4-4--4--4-4-4--4-4-4-4---5____--*5-5-5*--|A|---5____--5____----2--2-2--2--2-2-2--2-2-2-2---5____--*5-5-5*--|D|---0____--5____--------------------------------5____--*5-5-5*--|x2(2nd time . . . . . . . . . . without end-int)
fill-intro: in intro power chords
---------- Verse I:
Guitar 1:1=....a train out in....2=....a Rose outside.... D5 E|---------| B|---------| G|--7___---| D|--7___---| A|--5___---| D|--0___---|1=and2=
Guitar 2: Acoustic Chords
| D - G - D - G - Bm - G - G - G | | D - G - D - G - Bm - G|
----------- Pre-Chorus:
Guitar 1: power chords G5 A5E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------------|D|--5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--7--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7-|A|--5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--7--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7-|D|--5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--5--5-5--7--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7--7--7-7-| . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Guitar 2: acoustic chords | G - A | --------------- Chorus : Guitar 1: Power chords
D5 G5 B5 G5E|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------4_____---------------------|D|-7____---5--5-5--5--5-5---4_____--5--5-5--5--5-5-----|A|-5____---5--5-5--5--5-5---2_____--5--5-5--5--5-5-----|D|-0____---5--5-5--5--5-5-----------5--5-5--5--5-5-----| . . . . . . . .
Guitar 2: acoustic chords | D - G - Bm - G | x2 -------------- Chorus-end Guitar 1:
E|----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| G|----------------------------------| D|----------------------------------| A|--5--4--2--5--5-4-2--0--3___------| D|--5--4--2--5--5-4-2--0--3___------|i'll never.......
------------------- Intro power chords: this just once ------------------- --------------------- Verse II: like verse I ---------------------- ------------------------------ Pre-chorus: Like the other one ------------------------------ ---------------------------- Chorus : like the other Chorus ---------------------------- -------------- Chorus-end Guitar 1:
E|-----------------------------------| B|----------------------------------| G|----------------------------------| D|----------------------------------| A|--5--4--2--5--5-4-2--0--3___-2__--| D|--5--4--2--5--5-4-2--0--3___-2__--|i'll never.......
----------- Solo: power Chords
. . . . . . . . . .------------------Natural harmonics:E|-------------------------------------------|B|--(7)-----(7)-----(7)-----(7)----(7)-------|G|----(7)-----(7)-----(7)-----(7)----(7)-----|D|------(7)-----(7)-----(7)-----(7)----(7)---|A|-------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------|
--------------------------- Chorus x2: like the others one ---------------------------- ---------------------------- Solo: power chords until fade out -------------------------- Santiago Rodriguez ( Maracay, Venezuela The Distance (jon bon jovi, Richie Sambora, Demond Child) There's a train out in the distance, destination still unknown Far away where no one's waiting, so far from home, so far from home There's a rose outside your window, the first snow is falling down Like that lonesome whistle blowing I keep on going, keep on going... Chorus: Close your eyes and see my blue skies breaking through these dark clouds You are the light In my mind I see your red dress and your arms are reaching through the night I'll never give up the fight I'll go the distance There's a thread that runs between us pulling 'cross this great divide It's only there for the believers Don't stop believing, don't stop believing Chorus: Close your eyes and see my blue skies breaking through these dark clouds You are the light In my mind I see your red dress and your arms are reaching through the night I'll never give up the fight I'll go the distance, I'll go the distance There's a neverending story that begins with you and I Like the rose outside your window Don't let it die, don't let it die Chorus: Close your eyes and see my blue skies breaking through these dark clouds You are the light In my mind I see you
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