Bon Jovi – Little City tab

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From: "Antti Iiskola" 
Subject: Little City - Jon Bon Jovi
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 00:43:30 PST

Little City - Jon Bon Jovi
from the album "Destination Anywhere"
Transcribed by Antti Iiskola or

Figure 1 Em Em7 . . . .e |------------------------|H |------------------------|G |-----0-0----------------|D |----------2--0----0-2---|A |---------------2--------|E |-0----------------------|
Chorus: C G D Am Bridge: G C D Am LITTLE CITY - Jon Bon Jovi -------------------------- [with fig.1] I got my call lite on, give me one more fare now tonight Just get me over the bridge, I can see those shiny baylights You know I'm never alone but I'm feeling lonely tonight Damn, I got my last cigarette but I ain't got no light God let his wheels roll to where the girls are pretty Where the nights explode and life's still living Down this open road in the arms of pity Wait to greet me tonight in Little City In my rearview mirror I see someone elses hairline I hear that the fire in your eyes is on the rock and doin' hard time Grapes of wrath are on the vine, there's wine in this dirt Here love ain't love it's just another four letter word CHORUS Sha-la-la-la CHORUS Now that cold grey fog's just rollin' down the highway He's come to carry me home and it's put a little smile on my face "I can see those baylights callin' home... Yeah, I'm never alone... Just turn the radio on... There's an old song I used to know..." Chords: Em 022000 Em7 020000 C x32010 G 320033 D xx0232 Am x02210
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