Bones – Oxygen chords

BmDroppin' down hoppin' out straight out the casket
BmPop lock and drop ya like Huey done asked me
BmMud on my corpse if you crazy I'm batshit
BmBones be the one the game hate with a passion
BmWhen did it start, I think I know
BmThe second I chose to come out of my tomb
BmEveryone gather and hold hands and let out a big
BmFuck you Bones
BmOn two one two
BmComing through
BmYour crew look like too wong foo
BmGive a fuck about your loot
BmMotherfucker gimme truth
BmAnd if you all out of the latter I'mma have to take the first
BmTry to bop me for my spot
BmHold up, someone get this boy a hearse
Bm AI'm taking the long way home tonight
I just need some space, I don't wanna live today
Bm F#mRan into the crow of the after life
He opened up his beak whispered, "Bones, please come with me"
Bm F#mDead boy, what big eyes you have
BmThe better to see you with
With hands of the witch cursed with one grip
BmI will rise from the fire
BmFinna blow away with the breeze
BmReporting live from the core
BmMaking it hard to breathe
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