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Date: Wed, 13 Dec 95 12:44:19 +0100

If you want it, take it
                     by The BOO RADLEYS

Intro: A F#m F FE--------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------|G--------------------5-4-2h4p2---2-4---4-5--5-5-5-4h5p4-2h4p2--|D--5/7-7-5/7-7-7-4-4-----------4-------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------|
A F#m F FE------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------------|G--------------------5-4-2h4p2---2-4-5-5/7--7-7-7-5h7p5-4h5p4-4\2--|D--5/7-7-5/7-7-7-4-4-----------4-----------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------|
A F#m Call the cops and make it loud F Nowhere to hide away F Nothing to bribe them with A F#m I've got nothing against not being proud F to me it's alright, F It's alright, it's alright A F#m Grab what's going and make it mine F No sense in hanging round F Waiting for hand-me downs A F#m I don't worry about being proud F As long as I'm alright F I'm alright, I'm alright A F#m If you want it, make it yours F There's nothing bright about F being undecided A F#m If you want it, take it all F There's nothing cool about F Having to go without. A F x4 A F#m F F x5 A === BOO Up !
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