Bowling For Soup – Scope tab

                          Scope - Bowling for soup

Artist: Bowling for soup
Song title: Scope
Off the albulm: Let's do it for Johnny
Tabbed by: Their website
Tabbed modified by: Zero is great man
Standard tunning: EADGBe

Chord Diagram: E F A Be|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------2--4--|D|-2--3--2--4--|A|-2--3--0--2--|E|-0--1--------|
E I don't know A B E A B E when it all began to simmer down. Suddenly I don't want you around. A B E And I'm siting here A B E I'm drowning in the worries and the fear. A B E And now I wish it wasn't quite as clear.A B A B Cause I am starting to forget now A B It dissappears so fast A B E I'm waiting for "the Question" to be asked. A B And if you saw me now A B you'd not be dissappointed A somehow I've gotten to a point B and I'm not ever coming back A B my minds made up I'm staying for as long as it has taken(to get) E B A F E Close to you, I wanna get, Close to you and A B I need more time, (I wanna get) E B A F E Close to you, I just want, Close to you and A B I'm not sure why! E Sometimes I A B E I get up in the morning so surprised. A B E It takes me some time to realize. E Lately I, A B E Have really wished that you were still around. A B E Here to pick me up off of the ground. ================================================================================
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