Bowling For Soup – Girl All The Bad Guys Want tab ver. 2

Hey there all guitarist like me this is my first tab and i'm sure its right!!

For this song you'll need Drop D tuning.
For all the song you really only need the Low D, A and normal D strings.

INTRO:D-----0------0-------0-------------A-------4-0----4-0-----4-0-2-0-2-0- x3D---0-------4------5---------------
Guitar 2 INTROD---0000-2222-4444-5555--A---0000-2222-4444-5555-- This starts after once on the INTRO.D---0000-2222-4444-5555--
VERSE:(monday night.......)D---00000000-4444-5555A---00000000-4444-5555 x4D---00000000-4444-5555
BRIDGE:(when she walks.........)D--9999-7777-5555-0000-2222-55A--9999-7777-5555-0000-2222-55D--9999-7777-5555-0000-2222-55
PRE-CHORUS:(she's watchin....)D---00----22----44----55A---00----22----44----55D---00----22----44----55
CHORUS:(its like a bad movie..........)D---22222222-44444444-55555555-44444444-55555555-777777777A---22222222-44444444-55555555-44444444-55555555-777777777D---22222222-44444444-55555555-44444444-55555555-777777777
MIDDLE 8:(there she goes again.......)D---4444-2222-0000-2222-4444-5555-7777A---4444-2222-0000-2222-4444-5555-7777D---4444-2222-0000-2222-4444-5555-7777
the song goes: INTRO x3 VERSE 1 BRIDGE PRE-CHORUS CHORUS INTRO x2 VERSE 2 BRIDGE PRE-CHORUS x2 CHORUS INTRO x4 MIDDLE 8 PRE-CHRUS x2(guitar cuts out) CHORUS (guitar starts again) INTRO x8 (singing "shes the girl all the bad guys want")
The final chord is D--000A--000D--000
Thats it enjoy! For any Help on any other songs e-mail me on
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