Box Tops – Neon Rainbow chords

Neon Rainbow    
Intro: Fadd9  G7
C                G         Gm                AThe city lights, the pretty lights, they can warm the coldest nights,
F              Bb            F            BbAll the people going places, smiling with electric faces,
F                Bb           F                      BbWhat they find the glow erases, and what they lose the glow replaces,
    G       G7             C   Em Bb   A7And life is love in a neon rainbow, a neon rainbow.
  Moving lines,  flashing signs, blinking faster than the mind, Leading people with suggestions, leaving no unanswered questions, you can live without direction, and you don't have to be perfection, And life is love in a neon rainbow, a neon rainbow.  
  D       G                   D         GBut in the daytime everything changes, nothing remains the same,
D      G        D                    GNo one smiles any more and no one will open his door
                     G7         Until the night time comes, and then the …
  Verse 1 by: José Duarte
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