Boy And Bear – Rabbit Song tab

Artist: Boy & Bear
Song: Rabbit Song
EP: With Emperor Antartica

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Firstly The acoutic guitar

Standard Tuning

Capo at 4th - all tab and chords are relative to the capo

Intro riff X4

Second riff Am (repeat 4 times)
Verse Am (repeat 4x) F (repeat 4x) D (repeat 4x)
Then Second riff 4 times Then Verse again Then Intro Riff 2 times. Build up bit Am (with variations though, hammer on 2nd and 3rd strings in different rhythms to form Am) Am I'll keep my soul my heads not coming back... Am (with varations again) Bridge (lead bit starts here) C D I'll keep my soul my heads not coming back... C D Am D C D Am D C D Pre chorus I don't intend... Am C F D Am C F D Chorus (until end) Am C D Lead parts - No capo During first verse (~37 secs in), just repeat that a few times.
Just after the verse (~55 secs in)
Couldn't be bothered doing the rest of the lead, there's not much of it and it's not very difficult...someone can fill in the blanks. Any comments or corrections
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