Boy And Bear – Southern Sun chords

Great new song that I'm mildly addicted to
Not 100 % sure of the lyrics, but the chords aren't rocket surgery...

Standard Tuning

Intro Verse [listen for picking pattern- basically thumb the bass note then pick the 
rest of the strings]

AIn all you'll see;
FWas it that came down on me that night?
A F A conjury, I held on to that moment in black
Just to make it alive...
Verse strumming intro F Am G Am2e -0--0---0---0---|B -1--1---3---0---|G -2--2---4---5---|D -3--2---5---7---|A -3--0---5---7---|E -1--0---3---0---|
*Note you hammer onto, then pull off of normal [Am] between the F's you play the [Am2] quickly when changing to the G [you slide the whole F up to the G]
F [Am] FYou sit out there in the coverin'-
F [Am2] GIn the baskings of the holy night
G Am GAnd I was lucid and conscious
G FAnd hovering like a firefly
F [Am] FI’m lying stretched out on the canopy
F [Am2] GIt put it's arms out slow
G Am GAnd I heard the whispers of silence
GFloating down from the radio
FSo come on, come on I'm ready now
GI got the feeling honey like I'm ready to roll... [ohhh]
FYou see I’m not gonna wait till the end of me
GCause I got the burning fire in the bed of my soul [ahhhh ohhh]
Verse 2 I saw the light from a kettle gun 16 days under a Southern Sun And there were times when I thought that I wouldn't mind it if I lost my mind out there You wouldn't believe me if I told you so The things I saw were enough to make the man in me a man in me Mmm make a man of me Chorus 2
FSo come on, come on I’m ready now
GGo get your things out honey, let’s get ready to roll...
FOh I can feel the wave coming over me
GI’ve been waiting for this day too long just to let it all go...
FAs a child I was wonder-eyed
AmAt the thought that I might know
F C GA life in the ecstasy of rock’n'roll O-oh-oh ...
FNow taking it slow... I’m an arrow in a bow...
GYou’d think that I would know... What it is that makes me roll...
Chorus 1
Solo lics #1 #2e --------------------------------------------------7b8------|B --10-p8-h10-----------------10-p8-h10-----------8----------|G -------------9--7---5--\2--------------9--7--h9------------|D -----------------------------------------------------------|A -----------------------------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------------------------|
************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | H hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | T Thumb | x Mute note ************************************
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