Boy And Bear – Big Man chords

EWell I bit on my lip, and I kicked at my toes
ENo, I don't need your lecture cause your lecture won't show
D A EThat you told me so I told you so
EBut I would have managed, I would have been fine
EI'd do it myself and I'd do it just my way,
D A EI'm a big man for thinking just so.
A EBut somebody told me that your mother was born
A EOh a wandering woman with a spirit so sworn of the riverside
A B E AAnd it never surprised me but it meant that my love was immobilized
B E AWell, it meant that my love was immobilized
D A ECause when it comes, it comes when it does.
EBut you came in the middle and you fell in my hands
EOh a, wonderful woman and an average man.
D A ESee that makes me the lucky man
EI won't be deserving, but I won't be denied
ESee, I fell in this position, I will still teach my kids pride
D A EBecause failure's a part of it all
D A E And if failure don't hurt then failure don't work at all
A EBut somebody told me, our nephew was born
A EOh, a beautiful baby, so smart and so sure of his little self
A B E A And in a wonderful way he was making me feel so small
B E A Was making me feel so small,
B E AWas making me feel so small.
D A EAnd I don't think I've felt this before.
A E A In all the reasons to come, well they override my body and,
E A EI point to the sun, cause where it's warm is where the wilderness grows
A And it grows, and it grows 'till it all becomes nothing
A EAnd nothing is left as you know.
A E(We walked it for a thousand years, with broken eyes and salted ears
A EComplaining 'bout the weather like we ever had a choice.
A E Through all the noise and self abuse, you waited for your fill of truth
A E Oh I'm terrified I'll achieve nothing at all.)
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