Boy And Bear – The Storm chords

This song doesn't have to be played with Capo on 2nd. I just find it's easier! 
This is my first tab, so I'm bound to have something wrong! Please send me fix-
ups! I also don't know chord names so they are at the end of the song.

EADGBE (standard)

Am'Cause my friend, how do you roll?
FWhere do you come from, where do you go?
Am 'Cause I can see it in your hands
FThat you're not a fighter, but you've had your dance before.
Am FSo you'll keep the world at bay, keep your secrets and your scars.
Am FBut you've been weathering the storm, and it's been blowing hard.
CHORD 1 CHORD 2 F 'Cause it won't wait for you, because it waits for no one.
Am, F (with solo tab)
Am F'Cause we are the fugitives, and we'll keep running for our lives.
Am F'Cause 1 nor 100 men, could keep us from clinging to our pride
CHORD 1 CHORD 2 F 'Cause it's been blowing hard, and it'll wait for no one.
Am, F (with solo tab)
CHORD 3 FOh and I'm not leaving nothing to the grave
CHORD 3 FWe'll keep running with the masses, just to show them the way.
Am CHORD 3 F (repeat 3 times and finish on a broken chord)Ohhhhh.....
See other versions for the tab. Chords are in relation to CAPO CHORD 1 CHORD 2 CHORD 3 5th fret 7th fret 3rd Fret 7 9 3 7 9 5 9 11 (eleven) 5 9 11 (eleven) 4 8 10 (ten) 3 7 9 3
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