Boyce Avenue – Drops Of Jupiter chords

This is the Boyce Avenue version of Trains song "Drops of jupiter" Hope you enjoy.
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Capo on the 3rd fret.Intro/Versee--x---x-x--x--x-x--x-----x-x--x-x-x-----x-x----|b--0---0-0--3--3-3--3-----3-3--x-x-x-----x-x----|g--4---4-5--2--2-4--2po-0-0-0--0-0-0-----0-0----| Repeatd--0---0-0--0--0-0--x-----2-x--0-0-0ho2--2-0----|a--x---x-x--0--0-0--3-----3-3--3-3-3-----3-3----|D--5---5-5--x--x-x--x-----x-x--x-x-x-----x-x----|
Choruse--x--x--3--x------ e--x-|b--3--3--3--0------ on the last line of the chorus b--3-|g--2--2--0--4------ i like to hit this little chord g--0-|d--0--2--x--0------ that he doesnt normaly play but d--4-|a--0--0--3--x------ i think it sounds good. a--3-|D--x--x--x--5------ it looks like this D--x-|
So thats about the whole song guys,i hope it helped you out and wasnt too confusing:P
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