Brad Paisley - This Is Country Music chords version 1

This is Country Music 
Brad Paisleys Live CMA Performance
Tabbed by Aaron Gallagher of
Video Lesson of this song coming soon at
Based off Mitch Rossells cover of this song

Dropped D tuning

Remember with dropped D remember your G chord bass note is now on the 5th fret of 
your low E string, use your ring finger to play that 5th fret low E and your pinky 
to play 5th fret A string.  Then Your pointer finger covers 3rd fret on the B and Hi E strings.

The riff I refer to at the end of the first verse lines and 3rd verse is at the end of the tab.

D G D riffYoure not supposed to say the word cancer in a song
D G D riffAnd telling folks that Jesus is the answer can rub em wrong
G A Bm A DIt aint hip to sing about tractors trucks and little towns
D D F# GAnd momma yeah that might be true
D A DBut this is country music and we do
D G D GIf you like to have a cold one on the weekend and get loud
D G D GIf you wanna say im sorry or I love you but you dont know how
G A Bm If you wish that someone had the nerve to tell that stupid
A Dboss of yours to shove it
D F# GNext time he yells at you
D A DThis is country music and we do
G DSo turn it on, turn it up, and sing along
G Bm E7 GThis is real, this is your life in a song whoa
A DThis is country music
Harmonics 7 D G x4
D G D riffIf your haunted by the echos of your mother on the phone
D G D riffCrying as she tells you that your brother aint coming home
G A Bm And if theres anyone that still has pride in the memory of
A Dthose that died defending
D F# Gthe old red white and blue,
D A DThis is country music and we do
G DSo turn it on, turn it up, and sing along
G Bm E7 GThis is real, this is your life in a song whoa
G AIts the road that takes you home
G AIts right where you belong
D GThis is country music
G D (repeat once per line) This is country music He stopped loving her today Hello Darling God Bless the USA Amarillo by morning Stand by your man Take me home country roads I walk the line Country boy can survive (survive holds 3 measures) Riff at the end goes a bit like this D chord strummed then
E-0h2h3-2-0-------7---------8-10-12-10-8-7---|B------------3----8-----7-9------------------|G-----------------7--------------------------|Harmonics 7th fretD chord strummed to end
Beginning riff after the D is something along the lines of this
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